Matata was founded by Enrico Pitono, Irna Rasad, and Gunawan Pramono in 2012. The trio was the force behind our debut game Eggward’s Lab, which successfully positioned itself as one of the Top 5 Board Games in South East Asia, the Netherlands, and Macau within the first month of its launch. With operations in Jakarta, Indonesia and United Kingdom, Matata began in mobile game development setting the industry standard for pure gaming satisfaction. The company grew to include e-commerce for micro businesses and education divisions. We believe in the important role of technology to enhance the quality of life, and we deliver high quality digital products and services to our clients that are tailored to their vision and requirements.

Our small team encourages a creative thinking environment. We take every development stage very seriously from insight, ideation, research, architecture, technical run, and after service in keeping with the highest professional standards.

With a presence in Asia and Europe, Matata has the advantage of access to the best resources in both worlds as well as keeping in with the global trends. We are a member of the Association of UK Interactive Entertainment (UKIE) with a network to other global players, enabling us to benchmark ourselves against the world’s finest and employ the best practices.


Enrico Pitono, Co-Founder

Enrico is a visionary who has been fascinated by gaming and everything digital since he was 10 years old. Until late 2013, he served as Head of Treasury and Markets for one of Asia’s biggest banks in its London branch, as well as the regional head for UK and US. In a short amount of time, he had successfully turned the branches into revenue powerhouses.

Although his background as vice president in various institutions throughout Asia, Europe, and US has led him to a great distance, his passion for coding and gaming business strongly drove him to take another path and pursue his passion in this industry. After finishing Sloan masters at London Business School, he established Matata Corporation UK Limited and Matata Studio Indonesia to realize his vision to create digital products and services in keeping with technological advances.

With his experience in business strategy for sustainable growth, Enrico will ensure Matata’s success in reaching its future goals.

Irna Rasad, Co-Founder

Irna is a true igniter to business opportunity that lies ahead. Since 1998, she has been involved in the world of lifestyle and entertainment business. Developing startup SMEs from various backgrounds has always been her forte. Her success lined up from F&B to cinema entertainment industry.

While her passion in spotting opportunities & marketing keeps her driven, she has always been technologically inclined. An avid gamer and self-confessed social media addict, she knows that a digital business requires one essential start, a great intuition; to play, win, and move up. This also undoubtedly manifests her vision for Matata.

Gunawan Pramono, Co-Founder

During his early career in Xing Interactive, Gunawan gloriously created 26 mobile games. He managed to master advanced level of Java within six months and Java mobile edition within one month. Clearly, his ability to overcome steep learning curves and logical problem solving put him as the “brain” behind Matata’s products.

Gunawan’s love of challenge was manifested during his years as a national softball athlete. To him, softball is not merely a sport nor a social event, but a learning process where discipline, logic, and being an overall good sportsman are paramount. His team competed in known national and international events, including Asia Cup, SEA Games, and the prestigious World Cup Softball.

His vision for Matata is to focus on creating masterpieces that simply hit the market in a strategically short period of time. There’s no walking out of the battlefield for him before reaching his goals.