Matata EDU

We Believe in Technology

We believe that learning should be fun and interesting, and it can be by using technology to help educate the next generation. By creating an interesting learning environment, we hope to engage students and make the learning process enjoyable to shape positive future habits of curiosity and research.

Bantu Belajar Series

Bantu Belajar

Bantu Belajar IPA 3 (Year 3)

Let’s make science interesting! Textbooks are boring for most people, but what if it is accompanied by games and Augmented Reality that will help you learn? And yes, we are talking about those textbooks you are currently using in school.

Bantu Belajar sparks the children’s interest in science by making learning fun. It is filled with mini games, quizzes, and AR feature to help illustrate the material covered in the textbooks that are widely used in national schools.

Superhero Diary

Real-life Game for Special Needs Children

A fun and non-threatening training tool to help children with special needs, mainly autism, develop basic skills using Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.