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We deliver high quality and fun games for all ages. Studies show games help improve decision making and motor skills, and everyone needs a means to escape for a little while through fun, intuitive, and pleasing game apps.

Our Success

App Store’s Top 5


A story about a little genius egg and his friends that unfolds in a match-3 game. This game made the App Store’s Top 5 Board Games in Asia Pacific, Netherlands, and Macau within the first month of its launch. A fun games for all ages.

We Believe in Edu Game

We believe that learning should be fun and interesting, and it can be by using technology to help educate the next generation. By creating an interesting learning environment, we hope to engage students and make the learning process enjoyable to shape positive future habits of curiosity and research.

Culture Game

Cikal’s Playground

Indonesia has lots of stories explaining the richness of its diverse culture and tradition. Every year, this educational game application will be updated with exciting new themes from various islands and province of Indonesia.

The Playground is a collaboration between Sekolah Cikal and Matata Technology. Both parties have the same vision, in which ensuring children to learn about Indonesian culture in a fun way.

The Legend of Danau Maninjau

  • Legenda Danau Maninjau

The Chronicles of Manik Angkeran

  • The Chronicles of Manik Angkeran

The Origin of Ila Galigo

  • The Origin of Ila Galigo

Science Game

Bantu Belajar Series

Let’s make science interesting!  Textbooks are boring for most people, but what if it is accompanied by games and Augmented Reality that will help you learn?  And yes, we are talking about those textbooks you are currently using in school.
Bantu Belajar sparks the children’s interest in science by making learning fun.  It is filled with mini games, quizzes, and AR feature to help illustrate the material covered in the textbooks that are widely used in national schools.

Pak Lurah Korup: Learn Natural Science Year 4

Pak Lurah Korup (corrupt village chief) is a natural science (IPA) game for grade 4.  Pak Lurah is a silly mustachioed vile man oppressing defenseless creatures for his own personal gains. These creatures need your help to fight against Pak Lurah!  Use your cunning and aptitude to help free them and prevent the bad guy from harming more people.

Agen Umroh Nakal: Learn Natural Science Year 4

Agen Umroh Nakal (wicked Umrah travel agent) is a natural science (IPA) game for grade 5.  In this game, you need to use your knowledge and cunning to help the poor creatures being oppressed by the evil Umrah travel agent.  Help Mamik, Kadal, and Mas Padang to realize their talents to fight against evil.

We Believe In Partnership

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